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My new best friends the Leeches!

The huge trek... Critical Review

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The second trek of the trip. The longest one of all. This experience of mine has probably been the worst one on the trip. Firstly, let’s start with what happened. We started climbing rocky, dark, muddy, damp hills of the forest. In the beginning the guides told us that we may get leaches. To me, that sounded as, if you are unlucky you may get one or two. Although after I had around six on my legs, I started to go hysterical. Jumping around like a kangaroo, everyone was laughing, I suppose I would have too if it happened to someone else to.

Once I passed having ten leeches on my legs, I decided to suck it up and remove them all at the end. That thought stood in my mind for a couple seconds, until I jumped and screamed "get them off me!" The guide took them all off and by the end of the trek, I was emotionally satisfied that I came out of the forest leech free. Something started itching me in the middle of the hike and I expected that it was probably a mosquito that bit me or some type of cut that I got from the prickly thorns on the floor. I was definitely not prepared for what I saw, there was a massive, enormous, monstrous leech that was sucking on me, having a good meal under my leggings for the past three hours of the trek. I was only sitting there talking to my friends when I accidentally touched the slimy, icky, disgusting, revolting creature without looking. Why did I have to be the main meal of the group?

Let me make myself clear that there were not only bad parts, the group saw tigers paws hiding in the trees, a monitor lizard, spiders, there were even tarantulas, there were even supposed to be elephants, I know because I stepped in it’s poo (truly the most revolting part of the trek). Even though we saw all these amazing animals and sites in the jungle, all I could think about was the total of nineteen leeches that were stuck to me.
When something is sucking on your blood that is really the only thing you think about, even if you were surrounded by a tower of money.

This trek for me was definitely a downer, although many people didn’t get bitten so I guess I was just unlucky and they surely thought the trek was fascinating. Personally I don’t recommend this trek, but on the other hand I am not used to these adventures, if you are a hiker and that's what you do as a hobby, then this escapade is definitely the one for you.


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