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Bruised Bunch!

The waterfall walk.. Sports Report

storm 28 °C


The group starts off jumping off the slippery, muddy speedboats. They land in revolting black mud, some of the adventurer’s start to squint in disgust. They make their way through the mud and OH Allegra slips into the water, that’s gonna hurt in the morning! All the kids are trying to go fast to get to the destination faster so they don’t get soaked by the rain. Two girls, the victims of the most leech bites earlier have stayed at the end of the track, they know what it means to be uncomfortable. Alice and Lea make their way slowly not rushing, checking their shoes every minute and OOH Lea slips into the quicksand knees deep in the watery mud. These two ladies have truly had the worst day today, the last trek and all, but that’s a different story. Looking back at the group ahead, some of the lot have already gotten to the shiny, gorgeous waterfall and are already swimming shirtless. Everyone is arriving and people are diving in all clothed too!

Still walking through the river, Alice and Lea have no care in the world what could happen next, it seems as though they are prepared for anything now. They have finally arrived, rain is storming on their heads and ooooh Alice had that coming, she slipped, she slipped into the river onto the rocks. What is it with these kids, tomorrow half of them will all have bruises, I’ll tell you that.

The rest of the bunch are playing in the water having fun, while our two very special girls are now cooped up in the little sheltered hut keeping all the bags for everyone else. The two are certainly talking about something entertaining, it doesn’t seem so bad for them with those smiling laughs on their faces.

Thinking that Lea and Alice has escaped those dreaded leeches, they come to find one on Nanami’s jacket, that poor girl when she sees the creature she will not be smiling, thats for sure. Lea warns Nanami, though apparently she is not that affected by it, look at her! Completely calm. The two girls are shocked at this reaction, clearly. When they had leeches they were practically blue in the face from screaming.

Lea’s going to the guide, oh she’s asking him if they can go, EH they said yes, what a fantastic answer for those poor little ladies. The group is heading back. And look at that our two special girls are the first ones of the group, speeding to the speedboats. Paul-Emile, has fallen in the quicksand, thighs deep. OH MY GOD! where have his shoes gone. He tries to grab them in the sand which is deep in the river. Can he make it? Yeah, he did it his shoes are back (clapping recording). The rest of the group isn’t so far, look at them. Everyone running now with the rain trampling them, they try and try, look at that nobody slipped, that's a miracle for this batch. Look at the speedboats go. See you next time our muddy friends.


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